Welcome to the College of the Holy Spirit Manila


     The College of the Holy Spirit Alumnae Foundation Inc. (CHSAF) started in the late forties. For more than sixty (60) years, the HGCCAA /CHSAF has significantly assisted  the S.SP.S mission in the Philippines by supporting the different school projects with the help of its loyal and mission oriented members and alumnae.


       The mission of CHSAF is to help in the rescue and revitalization of our alma mater- The College of the Holy Spirit Manila, to insure that it will survive the most serious challenges it is facing in its more than 100 years of existence, and to continue as a premier learning institution for both men and women.           


           Sixteen (16) hardworking alumnae under the guidance of Sister Eden Panganiban, former Provincial Leader for the Rosary Province, Philippines; North of the S.SP.S congregation and with Imelda “Mel” Lopez-Santos as President, comprise with the 2018-2019 Board of Trustees of CHSAF.   

From the left : Tellie Francisco , Marissa Camacho, Baby Lim , Mel Santos,Maricor Akol, Mildred Romero, Aya Guevarra, Cora Villareal, Vangie Qua .
From the left ; Brownie Villavicencio , Mildred Romero , Cynthia Cases , Aya Guevara , Cora Parco , Sister Eden , Dolly Gabriel , Amy King , Marissa Camacho , Baby Lim , Cora Villareal , Mel Santos , and Maricor Castillo , not in photo are Tita Dizon , Maricor Akol & Vangie Qua
The bird's eye view of the Laudato Si Garden of Native Trees
The Laudato Si Garden of Native Trees – a  Project of Love by HS’65 

          Spearheaded by Class HS’65 and with CHSAF as the marketing arm, the “Laudato Si Garden of Native Trees” project transformed the once abandoned corner of the CHSM  campus into a beautiful garden for meditation and relaxation. Proceeds of the sponsorships of trees will go to the CHSAF’s scholarship fund and maintenance of the Garden. The core group includes Imelda Sarmiento, Rosalou Lamson, Lillian Gelveson,Vicky Alino Camarillo, Carina Querubin Latosa of HS’65, Gloria Angara of HS ’60, Rosemarie Lim, Maricor Akol and Imelda Lopez-Santos of CHSAF.

HS'65 during the blessing of the Laudato Si garden of native trees
Scholarship Programs for High School and College Students

               CHSAF officers recently signed a “Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)” with each of the 23 scholars in high school and in college. Each scholar underwent a rigorous selection process consisting of passing a series of examinations and interviews. The CHSAF Scholarship Committee is composed of Mildred Romero as chairwoman, Amelita King Dejardin, Cynthia Cases, Aya Guevarra, Gladys Ho and Amy Duremdes.

Parents at the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement with CHSAF
High School scholars with the son of Kyoto Representative Masahiro Nose who invited 3 CHSM scholars to visit Japan this coming October .
Online and Onsite Registration - a Joint Project with HS'69

        To expand the reach of CHSAF to all alumni wherever they may be, CHSAF, in cooperation with HS ’69, developed and installed the online registration system to allow alumni all over the world to register online and pay their registration fees for the homecoming.For more information, please visit our website: www.chsafph.org

Annual Requiem Mass for the Departed Alumnae and relatives.

        A requiem mass was recently held at the CHSM chapel to honor the memory of  departed alumnae and relatives. Husbands, children, and siblings came to pray for their loved ones. The Events Committee is composed of Dra. Cynthia Cases and Evangeline Qua.

Training Programs for Teachers and Students & other Lifestyle Enrichment Seminars for Alumnae

         English proficiency development, and personality enhancement programs and activities for teachers and students are being planned in coordination with the office of the new CHSM President. Lifestyle enrichment seminars are also being scheduled for the alumni.


Outreach Programs for the Less Fortunate members of the community .

        Giving back to our God for the blessings of family and friends is one of the priority projects of the alumni. We therefore ask for suggestions on how to conduct outreach programs for the marginalized members of our community.