CHSAF Taal Mission 1

Dateline: Saturday, Jan 25. 2020 

Taal Volcano was still spewing steam and it rained the night before in southern Metro Manila and nearby Cavite and Laguna towns. Despite stronger tremors and jitters the day before sent by a restive Taal Volcano,  a CHSAF Taal Mission team delivered the first wave of CHS Alumni donations for Taal evacuees being housed and cared for by Tagaytay City.

We must have brought the love of the Holy Spirit to Tagaytay City.Today, Taal Eruption Alert Level was reduced to 3 and evacuees  (except for towns still in danger zones) are gladly returning to their homes after two weeks of sacrifice.

CHSAF is still receiving donations for the families surrounding Taal, especially those who are still in danger areas and have not recovered.Together with the SSpS sisters and CHSM, CHSAF will assess where we can best bring help and support for them.Our compassion and care will not flag until they are settled back to their normal lives.


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