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The CHS HS Class ’70 invites you to come home to the  College of the Holy Spirit Manila on Sunday, February 2, 2020 for the Homecoming 2020

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50 years ago in 1970 ......

1970 was the cusp of a new decade, the “Age of  Aquarius and the awakening of national consciousness. The “Battle of Mendiola” marked our senior year leaving bullet scars in our classroom.    We exploited our full potential, excelled in our chosen fields and shined in our spheres of influence. Each has maintained a work-life balance that provides for the best for our families and to those in need.We have passed the legacy of faith to our children.  We are still united, rejoicing in triumphs and  supporting each other in trials. ….. CHS HS ’70, “Unity with a heart”.””

50 years hence - HS Class '70 celebrates Homecoming 2020
as Jubilee Host

HS’70 post-Valentine general assembly for 2020 homecoming
HS '70 General Assembly for 2020 Homecoming
HS '70 Christmas Party 2018
HS '70 General Assembly for 2020 Homecoming
HS'70 Homecoming committee .
HS '70-Holy Doors of Mercy Pilgrimage

                HS  ’70 Sapphire Jubilee       Presentation – Divas & A-go-go number.  

Golden ladies' meeting at Dusit Hotel.

                   HS ’70 Ruby Jubilee                          Presentation -Brazilian Dance Number.

Golden ladies' trip to Balesin Island.
Golden ladies' trip to Balesin Island.

HS Class '70 Legacy Project - Renovation of CHSM Chapel


HS Class ‘70 restores our beloved CHS Chapel

On February 2, 2020, High School Class ’70 will be celebrating its Golden Jubilee, together with other jubilarians of the College of the Holy Spirit. It will be a joyous event to return to our other childhood home, our Alma Mater. This was where little girls with knobby knees and skinny legs in starched brown and white uniforms grew into young ladies with the kind of inner toughness that help navigate the many tests of a lifetime. Our Alma Mater nurtured our intellectual and emotional growth and our spiritual formation.  We learned from our teachers, textbooks, and the lessons of building lasting friendships.  

The CHS Chapel is the most loyal witness to our spiritual journey. There, in the second grade, we celebrated our First Communion, dressed in long white gowns and veils, ready for a blessing from the Holy Spirit.  There we had many first Friday Masses in our white gala uniform, raising our voices heavenward with hymns we likely remember to this day. There we lined up for our confessions to be heard. There the more prayerful ones of us visited during lunch breaks to say a short prayer. The Chapel was indeed a big part of our young live


HS' 70 core group -Vangie Qua, Alice Cabrera-Samson, Cilet Fule-Magsaysay, Juliet Uy-Lee and Panchita-Ablaza.

That dear old Chapel, spare but quietly elegant, aged with us until it was worn and tired, its once shiny wooden floor scuffed and split so one could see right through to the hall below. The natural light from the wide windows that used to bounce off the floor’s warm glow was dulled by a white vinyl cover that later had been laid over the center and front aisles to protect the floor from further degradation. That utilitarian vinyl cover most definitely diminished the Chapel’s serene beauty.


HS Class ’70 chose as its Legacy Project for 2020 to restore the Chapel’s wood floor, the very foundation of that beloved place. While other parts of the Chapel still need renewal, the gleaming new wood floor in the center and front aisles now extends a familiar welcome to the CHS communities of students, alumnae, teachers and sisters. The new floor is of Philippine T&G mahogany wood coated with polyurethane that helps protect wood, minimizes scratches and deterioration and lesser maintenance. In addition, the altar has been extended forward by a semi-circular platform of a lighter wood that will be used during Communion. This restored Chapel was blessed by Fr. Angel Magada, our school chaplain on August 10, 2019.

The Chapel Restoration project would not have proceeded without the solid commitment of HS

The Chapel Restoration project would not have proceeded without the solid commitment of HS Class ’70 and its officers. A fundraising and pledge drive which began in 2016 elicited tremendous shows of gratitude and generosity from alumnae in the Philippines and abroad. HS Class ’70 will celebrate the restored Chapel together on Homecoming Day, February 2, 2020.

Above photo from left: Juliet Uy-Lee, Alice Samson, Panchita Ablaza, Cilet Fule-Magsaysay and Evangeline Qua with the newly renovated wooden floor of the CHSM Chapel.
Luncheon and get together of HS Batch '70 for Homecoming 2020 .

HS Class '70 Photo Gallery

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