The entire cast with the SSPS Sisters ; Miriam,Margaret, Carmelita,CHSAF Board members and former Presidents , alumni and scholars sing the theme song - One World during the Finale of the Musicale .
During the Finale, SSpS sisters and Alumnae join the entire cast up the stage
Alumnae and Scholars dancing the Spread the Love Around
Beautiful Alumnae dancing the Copacabana
Scholars singing "A Million Dreams"
The Holy Spirit Chorale singing the award winning song -
Emcees, Carole Esposo Espiritu and Erlie de Guzman interview the the Holy Spirit School iin QC after their performance .
Sisters, Margaret, Carmelita,Miriam, Eden ,Anchile ,Guada and former Presidents of CHSAF dancing the Hip-hop dance.
SSpS sisters enjoying the show .